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SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment online tool

Allowing food and beverages supply chain actors to assess, improve and communicate on farm sustainability progress.


The main benefits of the FSA online tool are the aggregation of farm sustainability profiles across countries, commodities and supply chains, transparency between buyers and their suppliers, the sharing of standards benchmarks, and the confidentiality of the information that is secured on ITC’s servers as United Nations’ mandate. The tool offers an easy scoring mechanism for farmers that perform an FSA, together with a visual overview of their results and offers the ability to submit their report for review by their customers.

‘SAI Platform’s partnership with T4SD has been integral in making our Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) program a reality at scale. T4SD’s dedication, professionalism and wealth of expertise in software development resulted in the launch of an impressive online app, which has seen strong user growth and generated a lot of external interest SAI Platform.’

Joe Rushton, FSA Manager


In 2002, Nestlé, Unilever and Danone established the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform to facilitate the sharing of their knowledge and best practices to support the development and implementation of sustainable agriculture practices at a precompetitive level. Developed by SAI Platform members, their suppliers, farmers and external stakeholders, the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) offers a unique framework used by leading food and drink companies to source sustainably produced agricultural materials.


Leveraging the IT infrastructure of Standards Map, T4SD has developed an online tool for SAI Platform for the Farm Sustainability Assessment. This provides one single industry-aligned solution to help companies meet their sustainable sourcing targets across supply chains and monitor progress at farm level. The online tool saves time and resources for SAI Platform member companies and their suppliers by sharing one reference – FSA – and not having to duplicate assessments across supply chain entities using different codes, schemes and frameworks.

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Visit SAI’s Farmer Self Assessment (FSA) platform co-developed by ITC:

Partnership Objective

Develop a simple, highly effective online tool to assess, improve and communicate on-farm sustainability across supply chains.


August 2015


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