The Hubs

We offer the needed technical assistance for  MSMEs to build the capacity and knowledge to implement green business practices through its services focusing on key aspects such as sustainability standards, climate resilience and resource efficiency.

Sustainability implemented at regional and local level

Host organization deploying and embedding sustainability methodologies

A business support organization deploys, in partnership with ITC, a set of sustainability coaching programmes to local experts and MSMEs over a period of two years

Local experts and coaches trained and support local and regional MSMEs

Local pool of individuals trained on sustainability topics, and supporting MSMEs to become more competitive, resilient and gain access to new markets.

Over 200 MSMEs receiving custom support from local experts

Business support organizations and local pool of experts can now spread the knowledge at country & regional levels.

Self-sustainable programme

Following the support and establishment of the programme, the host organization can deploy the programme and generate revenue

Providing sustainability solution for MSMEs

The T4SD Hubs offer solutions and tools for MSMEs to build their skills and increase their knowledge to implement sustainable business practices through face-to-face coaching programmes focusing on the key aspects of sustainability.

icon_Icons / Quality

Sustainability Standards

Environmental protection, labour rights, business ethics and more-use-recycle

Icons / circular economy

Circular economy

Reduce, re-use and recycle

Icons / climate resilience

Climate resilience

Assess climate risks and develop an adaption strategy

Icons / market-positioning

Positioning sustainable products

New business opportunities through the development of new products and services

Icons / Identify Copy

Access to green finance

Preferential credits

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T4SD Hubs in Ghana, Kenya, LAO PDR, Nepal, Peru, Viet NamCaribbean offer solutions and tools to over 200 SMEs.

How do we make a change at a MSME level

The coaching programme is implemented as a blended learning approach of e-learning and customized face-to-face coaching sessions with local coaches trained by ITC. Each T4SD Hub host is accompanied in the roll out of the two year coaching programme under the following thematic area:

Together with local T4SD Hub hosts, the modules and duration of the coaching programme are selected according to the identified needs and national or sectorial priority areas.

Each T4SD Hub host is supported and advised during the joint implementation of the coaching programme on the establishment of a sustainable business model for T4SD Hubs services beyond the duration of ITC’s intervention.

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