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EU City Award

Showcase how EU cities set an example by having a global impact on sustainable, fair and ethical trade through local efforts.


The EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award is part of the EU’s efforts to raise awareness about how purchasing decisions of EU consumers can affect the environment and livelihoods of people in other countries – and the role that cities and local authorities have to play in making sure that those decisions are well-informed. Cities have the opportunity to showcase their efforts in raising awareness about and commitment to sustainable, fair and ethical trade – and to learn about new approaches from other cities and local authorities through exchange of good practices, ideas, initiatives, and experiences.


Why should cities participate?

The Award comes with a range of benefits for the applicant and winning cities:

  • Promotion of pioneers and championing of inspiring cities and their stories of sustainable trade;
  • Prestigious recognition for cities supporting sustainable, fair and ethical trade with the winners announced during the Award ceremony;
  • Increased visibility and enhanced reputation;
  • Networking and experience-sharing opportunities for shortlisted cities in the Network of EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade;
  • Opportunity to implement a sustainable city cooperation project in a developing country with the International Trade Centre (ITC) and funded by the European Commission


The Award is an initiative of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Trade (DG Trade), based on a commitment in its 2015 Trade for All communication on trade and investment strategy. The Award is designed to encompass the entire city ecosystem of sustainable trade by focusing on public policy but also taking into account efforts by and collaboration with civil society and the private sector. It thus considers both the policies and practices within EU cities driven by the local government authorities as well as those by other city stakeholders outside the government in support of sustainable, fair and ethical trade. Overall, the Award illustrates how EU cities set an example by having a global impact on sustainable, fair and ethical trade across borders through local efforts.


In order to develop a sound and impactful award concept, ITC convened a Technical Committee of around 40 members from the fields of sustainability, trade or city networks. In collaboration with ITC and DG Trade, this multidisciplinary group created the concept and specifications for the first Award. Based on learnings from the first award cycle and feedback from stakeholders, some adjustments were made for the second Award cycle. The Jury of the Award was made up of seven representatives from EU institutions, the private sector and NGOs (including city networks), as well as the Rapporteur from the Evaluation Committee.

The project

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EU City Award

Showcase how EU cities set an example by having a global impact on sustainable, fair and ethical trade through local efforts.

EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award

The Award recognizes visionary EU cities which show leadership, and helps connect cities to exchange knowledge and share good practices in order to scale up cities’ efforts and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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