Leveraging trade to seize the opportunities of the green economic transition
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What we do

We support developing countries and their MSMEs to seize the opportunities of the green transition and to manage related risks.

Why we do it

Unsustainable practices in production, trade and consumption have contributed to climate change, environmental degradation, and biodiversity loss – affecting MSMEs in developing countries, particularly women, youth and poor communities are affected.

How we do it

With a focus on climate change, circularity and biodiversity, we provide green tools and approaches to MSMEs and stakeholders in developing countries and accompany them to succeed in the green transition.

What we focus on

Guided by ITC’s GreenToCompete strategy, our work focuses on five key pillars, each covering the areas of climate change, circularity and biodiversity:
Green competitiveness
We support MSMEs to compete through environmentally friendly business practices and access to green finance
Business environment
We work with key stakeholders in the supportive ecosystem to unlock the relevant services that MSMEs require to succeed in the green economy
We support innovative entrepreneurs to solve existential environmental challenges
Green policies
We support policy making at the domestic, regional and multilateral levels to transform trade and investment in a manner conducive to developing countries
Sustainable Value Chains
We work with market partners to connect MSMEs to international value chains, generate more local value add, and generate green business opportunities

Our themes

GreenToCompete addresses the following themes:

Climate change

According to the IPCC, there are only 10 years left to act to prevent irreversible damage from climate change. While MSMEs are the fabric of many developing country economies, they are particularly affected by climate change. At the same time, climate change may also offer new opportunities to MSMEs.

We support MSMEs in transitioning towards a resilient and net-zero economy through climate adaptation and mitigation.


The current take-make-dispose model, or linear economy, has reached the limit of our planet, and it will no longer serve business, people, nor the environment in the long run. Shifting production and consumption patterns require a change from product design and manufacturing through changing consumer behavior. The circular economy offers opportunities for MSMEs to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, boosts innovation and employment and engage in new business opportunities.

We support MSMEs shifting towards a circular economy through resource efficiency, circular production and waste management.


Biodiversity plays an important role in many economic activities, including agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism. Nearly half of the global population rely on natural resources and ecosystem services for their livelihood. However, human activities are transforming ecosystems and landscapes at an unprecedented rate, causing a dramatic loss in biological diversity. Reversing biodiversity loss requires a shift away from business as usual.

We support MSMEs to contribute towards a nature positive economy through conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources.

The GreenToCompete Hubs

As a central offering of GreenToCompete, the Hubs offer solutions and tools for MSMEs to build their skills and increase their knowledge to implement green business practices through face-to-face coaching programmes covering.

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Climate resilience

Assess climate risks and develop an adaption strategy

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Circular economy

Reduce, re-use and recycle

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Sustainability Standards

Environmental protection, labour rights, business ethoics and more-use-recycle

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Access to green finance

Preferential credits

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Positioning sustainable products

New business opportunities through the development of new products and services

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